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As management consultants to the healthcare field, we know the dynamics of healthcare delivery and the headwinds created by the evolving transition from volume to value.  Achieving a sustainable position in this reform era environment is a goal of every provider, thriving in this transition period is the focus of TriBrook's committment to our clients and the communities they serve.  


We understand how payment reform, physician integration, and access to capital impact healthcare organizations. Positioning your organization to compete effectively in this marketplace is our mantra pledge.

“ Our committment is to build on strenghts, mitigate weaknesses and position your organization for tomorrow's delivery system. ”

Michael C. Carroll, FACHE

Managing Director


Moving forward, today!

Building on success, gaining buy-in to address limiting factors and

positioning your organization to weather adversity - starts now.

Strategic and Business Planning

Transitioning to Value Delivery

Merger and Acquisition Analysis

Community Needs Assessment

Operationally Focused Facility Planning

Sustainable Cost Management

Litigation Assistance

Responsive to client needs, TriBrook

customizes each engagement to meet your deadlines.

Approach that has proven value with clear goals, deliverables and measurable outcomes.

Change agents that engage your team, so that recommendations are ingrained into the culture

Practical solutions with implemetation strategies that are time-tested and customized.