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Recent Engagements

Demand analysis/market assessment for a continuum of care delivery Including: senior independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care and dementia services. Predictive modeling sensitized to recent developments in palliative care initiatives and bundled payment including the potential impact of ACA on-going pilot programs such as the Community-based Care Transition Program (CCTP).  

2014 - Master Facility Plan - Senior Care Complex

Simulation of proposed changes in state trauma center designations including socio/demographic implications of regional draw of blunt versus penetrating trauma as well as service implications and back-up coverage for Level I & II trauma designations.

2013 - Impact of Trauma Services

Market analysis and demand assessment for general and sub-specialty surgical services including breast surgery, hepta-biliary and bariatric services.  Supply analysis of specialty surgeons and identification of requirements for regional and state-wide specialty designation.

2013 - General Surgery Service Line Plan

Demand assessment for urgent and non-urgent medical care services within selected geographic areas factoring age distribution and population density. Forecast of supply/demand for primary care services. Simulation model development of potential urgent care volumes based on survey of hours of operation, scope of services and staffing levels at existing hospital-based and freestanding centers.

2013 - Urgent Care Center

Compare market area, regional and statewide use rate trends for invasive cardiology, clinical cardiac electrophysiology and open-heart surgery. Compile composite picture of key demographic indicators and assess market-share trends for cardiovascular services by facility, physician and payer-class of patients.

2013 - Update Cardiovascular Service Line Plan

Conduct demand forecast for a 32-bed inpatient comprehensive medical rehabilitation unit. Assess market area trends in use rates, historical referral patterns, gaps in service and opportunities to enhance the scope of services offered to acute patients requiring rehab. Develop financial forecast.  Prepare and successfully defend certificate of need application in a competitive batching cycle.    

2012/2013 - Rehab Center Feasibility

Compile historical volumes of patients designated for observation status. Identify primary source of increased number of emergency room referrals to outpatient observation status and rationale for the shift in clinical protocol.  Assess financial impact and identify alternative processes for effectively managing the growing volume of observation cases.

2012 - Impact of Shift to Observation Status

Represent regional children’s hospital in due diligence and final contract negotiations leading to a change in control with the nation’s leading medical-research complex. Confirm capacity and process for approval with ACGME to initiate and fund pediatric sub-specialty training slots. Participate in leadership transition planning for surviving entity.

2011/2012 - Due Diligence in Children's Hospital Merger