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Services Overview

Marketing Strategy -- Combining situational analysis and market research to establish marketing goals and tactical plan of action.

Litigation Support -- Expert witness in regulatory hearings, anti-trust cases, class-action certification, medical staff fair hearing and mediation.  Previous testimony in state administrative hearings, judicial circuit, chancery and federal district courts.

Community Needs Assessment -- Critical element of Population Health, assessing key trends and identifying gaps in chronic care service delivery.

Sustainable Cost Management -- High-level operations overview, revenue cycle enhancements, ROI analysis of capital investments and regulatory impact.

Strategic and Business Planning -- In a rapidly changing environment, situation awareness + experience = plan of action to not just survive but to thrive in today's marketplace.

Transitioning to Value Delivery -- Assessing physician utilization patterns, identifying options for reducing cost variations,  bundling of services to position for value-based payment.

Medical Staff Development Planning -- Basis for recruitment, replenishment and practice acquisition.

Merger and Acquisition Analysis -- Market and financial assessment as a basis to narrow viable organizational options.

Operationally Focused Facility Planning -- Based on the principle that facility development must be strategically-based and operations-focused.